4 Keys To Maximizing Productivity

Julian Tiongson | July 6, 2017

4 Keys To Maximizing Productivity

4 Keys To Maximizing Productivity

Whether you are coming from a professional or personal standpoint, productivity can be very challenging. So many factors can affect how our day goes but understanding the bigger picture makes all the difference. In an Entrepreneur article, Paul Evans shares 4 key points to help maximizing your productivity. Let’s dive in and discover what questions you should be asking yourself.

1. What

Have you previously planned out your days? Do you understand what is on your to-do list and how you will go about tackling it. In order to maximize your productivity, one must have a plan ahead of time rather than going into each morning planning what you will do today. Having an idea of what you are getting into each day can save time. For example, if it’s Monday morning you should have your routine of checking emails and getting a cup of coffee to start off the day.

Being organized ahead of time will help you save valuable time every morning instead of sitting their wondering “what do I need to finish today”. By the time you figure it out, you have already wasted precious time at work. A repeat of this everyday really adds up and can ultimately lead to you following behind of your other coworkers. Don’t become the odd ball out and potentially lead to you losing your job.

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2. Width

Now what does that exactly mean? Width is often referred to as a measurement and rightfully is in this instance as well. In our case, we are asking how long of a time period should each task be given. For someone like me who is in charge of producing content, I spend most of my hours writing new content and staying ahead of the game. Whether it’s interacting with new users on social media, chatting with our clients, or simply managing the day-to-day tasks here I am carefully not to dedicate too much time to one thing.

3. When

Manage your work day by filling in the hours on a calendar to ensure you are staying on track. Fill in all the hours as much as possible to ensure you are maximizing your productivity at work and not just spending time sitting around on Facebook. Don’t let yourself spend double the amount of allotted time on one task as that will just keep pushing everything back. Stay true to your schedule as best as possible with exceptions along the way. If your meeting with a potential lead or your boss takes longer than expect, then work around that accordingly.. Take control of you can and that is managing your job duties to ensure they get done in a timely manner.

As you learn to better manage your time, it will seem impossible at first. A bigger sense of urgency will arise as you will be loading up your schedule but it will all pay dividends in the long run. The more productive you become, the more likely you will become to succeed and achieve your goals.

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4. Wealth

Wealth isn’t always about money. This can be translated into knowledge, credibility, branding, or whatever can help your business succeed. You will be the one to determine the wealth as you move forward with your career. It doesn’t hurt to consult with a friend or even hiring a professional to seek the best interest of your company.

As you begin to reassess your current day-to-day and habits, don’t look for drastic change right away. Understand everything takes time, especially if it will affect your normal habits. Take small baby steps and gradually keep adding more and more as you start to feel more comfortable. Spend your time wisely and figure out the reasons why you do what you do. It will help paint a nice picture for you to see.

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