7 Quick Tips to Be More Productive

Melanie Li | July 7, 2017

7 Quick Tips to Be More Productive

7 Quick Tips to Be More Productive

When it comes to being focused and ready to work, some of us need a little push. You may get distracted by modern technology or gathering at the water tank. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your waking life and you must ask yourself, are you getting enough sleep? We’ve come up with seven ways you can easily lead a more productive work and personal life. 

Tidy Up Your Space

When your mind and environment are messy it’s hard to get anything done. Whether it’s your workspace or home it’s always nice to get things done in a clean area. Organizing the clutter around you helps your mind relax and flow like the clothes in your washing machine. We’ve all had those moments of “I should clean before I do work”, right? So maintain the tidiness to be ready for work or relaxation at any time.

20% Club

If you work from home this may be the tip for you. Within your busy days you want to make sure that at least 20% of your time goes into hard core productive work. Whether it’s meeting goals, finishing tasks or paying bills just have laser focus for that duration. This will help you get those major tasks finished or at least initiated for the next round. 

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Ignore Your Phone

Using your phone may be a bigger distraction than you realize. Social media comes in all forms in your handheld device. You’re scrolling through your emails then looking through LinkedIn then checking your account balance. Next thing you know you’ve read about how to deal with your mother-in-law and how to refinance your home when you should have been working on your actual work. Even the buzz from your phone can lead to breaking your concentration. So put it on silent and put it away!

Some other similar distractions to watch out for are the internet and gossiping, all so tempting but unnecessary.

Get Enough Sleep

The amount of sleep you get directly relates to your focus, mood and productivity. Getting the proper amount of sleep is not just healthy for the body but also the mind. You dream to exert stress from your waking life and this spills over to the following day. So what’s the sweet spot for sleep? 7.5-8 hours for men and women seem to be the optimal amount of time to have the most productive days. It may be difficult with a busy schedule but it’s rest you can’t afford to miss. 

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Continuing with the healthy tips, we have exercise. This may take time out of your day but the rewards you get physically and mentally can not be disregarded. Exercising increases the dopamine levels in your brain which give you a positive mindset. I know when I accomplish a good workout my brain starts running and I have the mental capacity to finish other tasks for the day. The energy you feel after exercising gives you the boost to run errands or finish the dreaded phone calls. Do good for your mind and body, even if it just starts with a simple walk in the park.

Avoid Multi-tasking

Multitasking may seem to be a great way to get things done faster but it may have the opposite effect. Spreading your attention to multiple things may reduce the quality of all the work and create more stress for yourself. Instead try to jot down a list of tasks and knock them out one after another. This way you’re able to complete this task without distractions and you’re left with something to be proud of. 

Say, “No”

If you’re the chronic nice guy or gal then you may have fallen victim to the requests of your colleagues or friends. As great as it feels to help others out you have to make sure you have all your ducks in a row first. Cutting the time you’ve set aside to help another out may take away from the little time you have to meet a deadline. Don’t worry too much because there are others that can offer a helping hand. It’s also a good habit to form in general to not always say yes, it may come in handy when negotiating for your next job or even with your kids. 

This is our mix of tips that you can hopefully incorporate in your work and personal life. In the end it’s all about doing everything with a balanced mind. Have fun and work but know when and where to draw the line. Good luck!