How to Improve Marketplace SEO

Julian Tiongson | January 2, 2017

How to Improve Marketplace SEO


If your marketplace is not implementing SEO into their marketing strategy, then you are behind the times. Search Engine Optimization is key to gaining traction for your marketplace and getting ahead of your competitors. So how can you improve? B2Community shares these 4 simple tips on how to improve your SEO through marketing.

Keyword Research

This is key to your marketing strategy. If you are not doing keyword research for your industry and competitors, then you will need to restructure your strategy. With any type of marketing lots and lots of research must be conducted in order to figure out where and who to target. What are customers likely to search? Put your thinking cap on and review your buyer personas. It could be as simple as “create online marketplace”. Try not to overthink it too hard as there are plenty of possibilities.

Keep track of all your keywords by creating a spreadsheet or if your CRM tools has an integration, definitely input them into there. As you conduct your research and implement your keywords, be sure to always be tracking and running analytics. What’s the point of coming up with keywords if you are not tracking them?

Blogs with specific keywords

Do you have a regularly published blog on your website? If you don’t, then you better jump on it. Blog writing is key to helping improve your SEO. Whether you choose to write a blog every day, once a week, or even once a month. Don’t spread yourself too thin when creating a blog schedule. If you simply can’t write a new blog every day, then be honest with yourself. Stick to a schedule that is manageable and posted on a consistent basis. Remember, quality is better than quantity.

If you have a blog or are looking to establish one, then be sure to write using your keywords. No matter what industry you are in, those keywords have a high relevancy to your market. Search engines pick up on keywords within any piece of content and if you are consistently using your keywords, the higher the chances are of your relevancy.

Landing Pages

Once you have identified your keywords and have a blog in place, what is next? This is your time to shine. As new users and potential customers visit your website, give them a reason to stay. If you are not giving any value, what’s the incentive for them to keep scrolling around on your website? Not only should you have eye catching content but also free downloads such as eBooks or whitepapers. Showing your marketplace is knowledgeable and can add value to their experience may just turn them from a shopper to a buyer.

As you are designing your landing pages, don’t forget to feature strong call-to-actions. Implementing 2 or 3 throughout the page is a good start. Don’t over do it with pop-ups, subscribe to this, or download this. Keep it simple at first and see how your audience reacts and move on from there.

Google Adwords or Facebook Ads

As I mentioned above, keywords are essential to your marketing. How do websites appear on the first page of google search results? Google Adwords help your listing show up higher on the search results. Facebook Ads work as well in helping determine buzzwords and key phrases for search engines.

By optimizing your content for google, your chances of being noticed and much greater. So what is the next step? Setup a google adwords account but be careful as it can get very costly.

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