How To Improve Work Productivity

Julian Tiongson | July 3, 2017

How To Improve Work Productivity

How To Improve Work Productivity

Do you struggle with getting your work done? Does it feel as though there is not enough time in a day? We are all given the same 24 hours in a day, so can I make myself more productive? Here are 4 tips you should adapt to further enhance your work and improve productivity.

1. Create A Calendar

Going day-to-day with your schedule will not be very beneficial in the long run. How will you know how to plan accordingly for your upcoming meetings or phone calls? It’s not just about being organized for yourself but for your clients as well. You may be old school and like to write things down, so getting a physical calendar will be good. However, with technology now it’s easier than ever to create a calendar. If you have a Gmail account, a calendar can be synced to your phone as a reminder of what you have coming up.

If your job doesn’t require being on meetings or phone calls all day, then using a calendar can still help you with your tasks. Blocking out time slots to get certain tasks done can help your day flow more smoothly. Instead of trying to complete everything at once, dividing your time will help keep focus. For example, blocking 8AM-9AM for checking and responding to emails, then 9AM-10AM first call of the day. While this will of course vary to your position, it can be very effective to not only get things done but ensure you are staying on track. 

2. Establish A Routine 

After you have created your calendar, you are now able to get down to things. From waking up to commuting to work, and all the way back home. It all becomes a daily routine. We may not realize it but we all have established some sort of routine if you are working full time. The first step in establishing a better routine is to accept it. Growing up many of us didn’t want to live a simple life that consisted of the same thing everyday as it gets boring and dull. We don’t want to be robots right? Well of course we don’t want to simply go through the motions, but establishing a routine for certain parts of your life can be very beneficial.

According to a Bustle article, you will not only be happier but also have more time to yourself, mentally be healthier, and get more done. The less you have to waste planning your days, then the more time you will actually have to complete your tasks. Save your energy for the more important things in the day than what you are going to eat for dinner.

3. Set Daily Goals 

If you can’t see the finish line, then how will you know where to go? If you are in sales then you have numbers or quotes you must reach. It may be monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. Those numbers will add up to what your whole company goal is. Don’t be overwhelmed by the big picture, break it down into each day. Maybe you need 120 new leads a month? If you break it down, you only need about 4 leads a day to meet your goal. Now that’s not too bad right?

Set your daily goals for yourself to stay on track to reach your bigger goals. Having your calendar and routine in place, will help you achieve your goals at a much more efficient rate. Not only will you complete your tasks but will feel better about yourself going into the next day knowing you are still on track.   

4. Take Breaks

This may sound counterproductive but it’s true. The sad truth is we work for most of our lives. While we are young we don’t think about the long run but rather just how much I can achieve and accomplish now. Whether that comes by working 12-14 hour days and even skipping meals if it comes down to it. In an Entrepreneur article it states, “Continuous time on-task sets off strain reactions, such as stress, fatigue and negative mood, which drain focus and physical and emotional resources.” It’s proven that we need to take breaks but we still fail to do so. 

As you look to adapt these changes into your life, be sure to stay disciplined. The easy thing is to adapt to your old habits, but until you break out of those it will be a constant struggle. Remember, your short term struggle will become a long term success.