Near Me - Your Streamlined Marketplace Service Provider

Chitra Rajan | June 17, 2016

Near Me - Your Streamlined Marketplace Service Provider


AWS and Near Me SSL Certificate Manager integration

In our previous blog, we adopted an aerial perspective with regards to the juggle that is DNS-Elastic Load Balancer- SSL certificate. Try saying that three times fast! Near Me’s approach is a 360 degree reach out on different kinds of markets that positions us to work with enterprise clients like Intel, as well as budding startups, because we provide diversified services.

For the amateur marketplace owner, the entire hassle of setting up an exclusive service, for both DNS and SSL certificate, could get cumbersome. However, the breakdown of the entire service providing setting is easily broken down when you look at it from our dashboard → hosting with a dedicated IP address→ Buying a certificate→ Activating the certificate → Installing the certificate→ Updating your website to use HTTPS!





Keep in mind, establishing all this at one go is catered by Near Me, but it helps to have a walk through to better navigate through our platform.




Once this process is established, Near Me automatically provides the user with a load balancer and a seamless capacity for traffic distribution across the application. Blending in AWS route 53 along with Amazon SSL certificate issuer (ACM) and the load balancer, equips Near Me to provide a flawless, customized foundation where all the transactions take place.




HTTPS Made Easy:

You know how critical it is to provide a secure "https" website connection to your marketplace visitors. In one sentence, without the presence of an “https” in the DNS, privacy and exchange of data is deeply impacted (For all the wrong reasons, of course!).  To avoid this, and having an individual set up, the entire cost can range anywhere from $250USD to $900USD per year for a wildcard SSL certificate ( * ).



As one of the first Multi-vendor eCommerce platforms in the world, Near Me now offers free AWS SSL certificates. So, if you're interested in a free wildcard SSL certificate for your Marketplace, please check out this article in our knowledge base.

“AWS makes it easy for developers, while we make it easy for our Marketplace Owner through one management console”- Adam Broadway (CEO, Near Me)

With the magic of cloud computing, Marketplaces are creating a certain niche and aligning it with technology. This in turn, is  creating a great change in trends pertaining to contemporary business models. Look out for more updates! As always, if you have any questions regarding this please reach out to us at