Optimize your Marketplace with these 25 Must Features

Tracy W. | April 14, 2017

Optimize your Marketplace with these 25 Must Features

Optimize your Marketplace with these 25 Features

Have you ever wondered if there is a standard set of guidelines that could pretty much guarantee that your website works in exactly they way that you need it to? A secret list that would ensure that your website performs to its best in terms of driving customers to contact you or make online purchases?

Wonder no more, because this infographic 25 features every online business must have in 2017 is what you have been waiting for. Developed from assessing some of the most effective websites that exist, the infographic is ideal for guiding you on how to set up your website content, or even if you want to review your current setup.

From what content to place in your website header and footer, to where to include you key business information, these 25 features cover off everything that you need to know about website content layout. Want to know where is the best place to position your call to action button? Just refer to this infographic for all of the essential content positioning guidance you need.

It even shows you how to position your main features and what formats work best. It offers handy tips like using an easy to remember domain name and how to display great testimonials through video format.

If you are looking to build a highly effective website that drives sales then using these 25 features is your first step to success. Do you know where is best to add a contact form or where your social media buttons will get utilised the most?

Check out the graphic for all of these pointers and many more including adopting a ‘F pattern’ for inner page content and a host of other well kept success secrets.

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