Partner Announcement — Overages

J.J. Bragg | June 12, 2020

Partner Announcement — Overages

This is an official announcement for platformOS partners. If you would like to become our partner register on the platformOS Partner Portal.

The platformOS team is working hard to continuously deliver new features and improve user experience. Today we're excited to introduce an update in the Partner Portal that will give you the power to better manage your client instances. 


You will now be able to track the usage of your instances and be highlighted with any overage fees that would be incurred on all of your production instances. This will help you understand if you need to move your client up to a higher plan in that month, or to pay the overages used the following month. 

We’ve been working on this functionality since early 2019 and consolidate all overages across Infrastructure Providers (AWS and GCP). In this release, overages will apply only for production instances and every production plan will have different overage limits and fees based on the production plan you selected. 

Our overages metrics are:

  • DB objects
  • API calls
  • Storage (MB)
  • Emails sent (SendGrid)
  • SMS (Twilio)
  • Background reporting jobs
  • Domains

You'll be able to see what your overages metrics and fees are on the:

  • Instance creation step
  • Instance detail page 
  • Instance cost view by clicking on the billing plan link 

We enhanced the “costs” section to improve user experience. Now, you can track usage metrics in almost real-time:

  • We added warnings for when any of your overages metrics are getting closer to or has crossed 100% of usage included in the regular hosting fee
    • Orange - usage metrics crossed 80% of usage included in the regular hosting fee
    • Red - usage metrics crossed 100% of usage included in the regular hosting fee. In this case, an additional overage fee will be calculated.
  • There is a new section where you’ll be able to track the usage of all metrics per instance. You can access this section by clicking on the “Report” link

The “Report” page contains two sections:

  • Overage usage to track percentage usage of an instance 
  • Overage cost shows the calculated fee for overage usage 

This report is also available from the instance detail view page.


1st of June, 2020

  • We’ve started calculating usage of billing plan metrics per instance.

1st of July

  • First charge of calculated fee for overages.

Please look into your instances and the billing plans currently attached to them to review current usage.

If you’re at risk of paying overage fees please consider upgrading the instance to a higher plan to avoid overage charges.

We continue to cover the cost of non-production Staging Server environments.

Please contact us on if you have any further questions. 

Thank you!