platformOS: A Key Player in the Marketplace Revolution

Tamás Simon | December 15, 2023

platformOS: A Key Player in the Marketplace Revolution

Exciting news! platformOS has been featured in The Marketplace Suite Spot Report 2023, renowned for highlighting standout marketplace platforms (see the “Platforms to Watch” section in the downloadable report).

Logos of marketplace vendors featured in the report

This recognition from McFadyen Digital underscores our commitment and passion in the platform vendor ecosystem, particularly when it comes to addressing the growing complexity of user journey requirements.

Organizations are increasingly seeing the need to support their Communities of Practice and managing Services engagements, which tend to be elaborate and multifaceted and often not well served by low-code solutions. 

Particularly in the context of the shift towards circular economies, as articulated by Peter Evans of McFadyen, intricate workflows and business rules are crucial for end-to-end processes related to product return, repair, recycle, refine, and re-use.

platformOS excels in supporting a diverse range of Products, Services, Spaces, and Community Portals. Our APIs-for-Everything Platform as a Service, along with automated DevOps, and expanding array of modular business logic ( code elements) is underpinned by best practice frameworks to empower developers to build enterprise-grade multi-sided marketplaces swiftly and with reduced execution risk.

This recognition in the report extends beyond us. It's a testament to the commitment of our partners and clients who continually push the boundaries, expanding the unique platformOS PaaS offering. We're thrilled about the prospects ahead and remain dedicated to crafting solutions that exceed the aspirations of our growing network of value-adding partners and clients.