platformOS Documentation and UX Status Report — Nov 25, 2019

Diana Lakatos | November 25, 2019

platformOS Documentation and UX Status Report — Nov 25, 2019

Town Hall #71 - Google Cloud Partner = platformOS

In last week's Town Hall:

pOS is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) agnostic and we can provision pOS on any IaaS. This will allow you to deploy a pOS powered solution on either AWS, Google Cloud or Azure, which is especially important for clients who may have contracts that dictate a specific IaaS provider.


Content production

Improvements, fixes


Design and Development

  • NEW Partner Portal Design System - Accessibility of inactive elements and disabled states: change style of core elements as they don't have contrast-ratio restrictions
  • NEW Branded platformOS presentation template
  • NEW Special route for service workers
  • NEW Improve performance of user mutation without form
  • IN REVIEW Partner Portal - Updated the "Grant permissions via email" screen: Insert multiple email addresses into a text field, Email Error message: show an error if email format is not correct, Separate the Instance and partner related fields
  • IN PROGRESS Partner Portal - DNS API expose domain destroy function
  • IN PROGRESS Partner Portal - Grant permission via email screen fix
  • IN PROGRESS PartnerPortal - Check OAuth2 token
  • IN PROGRESS Attachments: direct url
  • IN PROGRESS Profiler percentage output

Improvements, fixes

  • NEW Fixed GQL operationName
  • NEW Fixed Model_ mutations to return Graph::Types::Model instead of ES based type
  • NEW Fixed undefined method `define_attribute_methods'
  • NEW Fixed users_destroy_all mutation
  • NEW Fixed loading partials following invalid partial with dot
  • NEW Fix exit code on fail
  • IN PROGRESS Image export and import
  • IN PROGRESS Pages with method: post are responding to get. Even after complete page removal (modules)

Release Notes

To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note, Nov 25, 2019 — Service workers route, multiple queries via GraphiQL editor, improvements, fixes