platformOS Standardization, “The Golden Platform" Webinar

Adam Broadway | August 19, 2022

platformOS Standardization, “The Golden Platform" Webinar

Behind the scenes for the past 18 months the platformOS team has been working hard to bring together many best practices for application development frameworks (including mobile apps) to help us improve Developer Onboarding. This best practice standardization has taken on the code word “The Golden Platform”.

In our latest webinar, we shared what we've worked on related to the Golden Platform:

  • CEO, Adam Broadway discussed the "Golden Path" (a nod to you Dune fans).

  • CTO, Maciej Krajowski shared the development plans of the "Golden Platform" standards and modules. 

  • Director of UX, Kata Nagygyörgy shared the UX research results and plans. 

  • Director of Design, Gyöngy Gora shared the UI plans.

  • Director of Documentation, Diana Lakatos spoke about the Documentation updates.

We also asked for your feedback after the presentation via a 10 min whiteboard session in Figma. Thank you for all your questions and ideas!