platformOS Status Report — Aug 3, 2020

Kata Nagygyörgy | August 3, 2020

platformOS Status Report — Aug 3, 2020

Town Hall #84: CBO Insites - Rapid deployment of complex solutions

In Town Hall #84 CBO shared their hard work, advances made to date, and how partners can deploy sophisticated solutions quickly, with ease and grace on platformOS.  

The recording of the session includes:

  • Insites evolution: Past and Future
  • How to build a database driven website in 30 minutes using pOS and Insites (including a pre-recorded timed deployment - with all the boring bits cut out!)
  • Sharing our ‘insights’ using platformOS and Insites
  • Using platformOS Modules as reusable code
  • CRM Integration showcase
  • Applying Caching to dynamic content
  • Callbacks, Notifications, 301 Redirects and more...


To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note Aug3, 2020 — redirect_to tag, fixes

  • NEW redirect_to - a new tag to do server-side redirection via liquid
  • FIXED value_in for array property
  • FIXED error handling when Email uses non existent layout
  • FIXED indexing geojson user property
  • FIXED pos-cli pull includes now asset manifest, which then can be imported via pos-cli deploy
  • FIXED pos-cli import will not return an error when empty zip is provided as an argument


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