platformOS Status Report — August 8, 2022

Diana Lakatos | August 8, 2022

platformOS Status Report — August 8, 2022

Save the date: platformOS Webinar

Date: 23 August, 2022

On this webinar, we're planning to share the State of the Union of platformOS: next version, updates, template, plans. This will be an overview ahead of a formal working group of included Channel Partners who will be part of the initial Module Framework Architecture and Template/Theme engine update.

More details coming soon, including time and agenda. 

DevPortal Awards 2022 nomination

We are happy to share that the platformOS Developer Portal has been nominated again for this year’s DevPortal Awards in the following categories:

  • Best Accessible DevPortal

  • Best DevPortal Beyond REST Platforms

  • Best New DX Innovation 

Public voting for the Best Overall Developer Portal opens on 1 October, and winners will be announced at the two Award Galas on 30 November and 14 December. We hope to meet you there! 

Base theme 

UX updates


  • Service flow: Service checkout, create inquire log in the order listing, service order detail page. Specified for each user role.

  • Content update: User specification for each user role


  • UX review of the template implementation, projects in comparison with the Figma plans.

UI updates


  • Reorganize core and complex main components
  • Select field variants added to the component library

  • Mobile and desktop version for select dropdowns

  • Fix table consistency, paddings

  • Unify card components

  • Remove nesting from input components


  • Add search field variants to the component library

  • Font style updates


To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 3 August, 2022 — New Liquid filter strip_liquid, fixes and improvements


  • You can now set file_size when you create an asset via GraphQL

  • New Liquid filter strip_liquid - will remove all Liquid tags from text

  • Allow to filter pages by redirect_to in GraphQL query

  • From now deploys will wait until migrations finish

  • Promote Liquid tags/filters to stable versions: to_xml, context, try, parse_csv

  • Prevent from creating too many background jobs within background jobs


  • Fix websockets rooms isolation

  • Fixes timeouts on data clean command


  • Improved documents() GraphQL query to search by exact name

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