platformOS Status Report — December 1, 2023

Agnes Kanizsai | December 1, 2023

platformOS Status Report — December 1, 2023

platformOS DesignKit

We are happy to share some news about the DocsKit package of DesignKit.


In progress

  • Create Docs as Code course graphical resources: covers, illustrations, infographics, social images, video thumbnails, presentation templates

  • Docs as Code course Registration site design (Registration, Login, Course details with listing of lessons, Lesson detail page)

platformOS DocsKit

DocsKit site source now public

We've recently made the GitHub repository for our DocsKit product site public. Built entirely on DocsKit, this site's code and automation are now open for exploration. Dive in and feel free to share your questions or suggestions.

Case studies section added to DocsKit site

Our DocsKit site now features a case studies section, offering in-depth insights into the practical applications of DocsKit. We provide two types of case studies:

  • Feature case studies: These illustrate how specific DocsKit features tackle common challenges, complete with practical examples and code snippets.

  • Site case studies: Showcasing fully implemented DocsKit sites.

Newly added case studies include:

COMING SOON: Free Docs as Code Course

Registration will soon open for our Docs as Code Fundamentals: A Step-by-Step Guide video course. Embark on a comprehensive learning journey with our Docs as Code Fundamentals course. 

Tailored for beginners and those seeking to strengthen their understanding, this course dives into the established methodology of Docs as Code. 

Covering the basics of markup languages and tools, editorial workflows, and more, you'll learn about creating, reviewing, and publishing content. 

The course also includes interactive webinars for each module. It's ideal for anyone managing documentation, collaborating on projects, or looking to enhance their editorial processes. 

This methodical course guides you through each step of the Docs as Code workflow, providing a solid foundation and practical skills in this systematic approach to documentation.

This free course is proudly sponsored by the DocsKit team and powered by platformOS. We are dedicated to providing quality educational resources to enhance your documentation skills.

Update from the UX team about the Marketing site research

Over the past few months, the platformOS UX team has been conducting initial user research as a first round of an extensive research on our Marketing site renewal.

The research focused on

  • Uncovering the routes users follow to comprehend the value of our product through our marketing site,

  • Identifying pain points regarding understanding our business,

  • Collecting insights from the new pricing model and the onboarding journey (additional goals).


  • We had 5 interviews with IT professionals of varying expertise and seniority.

  • The participants were not familiar with platformOS beforehand.

  • During the interviews, they visited and showed their screens while talking about their thoughts and any issues they encountered reflecting on the interview goals.


  • We organized the findings into cards (card sorting method).

  • These cards were then grouped together into themes on an affinity map.

  • We made user journey maps based on pathways of understanding.

  • We summarized everything into a detailed report with conclusions and recommendations for potential action items.

Results and insights

  • The participants had diverse and extended journeys to comprehend our product.

  • They often made assumptions due to unclear information.

  • They generally had positive impressions.

  • But they couldn’t precisely define our product and desired improved communication about its features.


  • Helping users who might spend less time on engagement: we need clear pathways on the homepage.

  • Providing easy access to crucial information like documentation and features, showcasing how the product works, and highlighting videos.

  • Improving our site by condensing our product’s values, enhancing communication to reflect these values, emphasizing the problems our product solves, and providing transparent pricing options for easy comparison.

Next steps

  • The pOS team continues the research regarding our onboarding experience and documentation site.


As for Development, besides updates and enhancements you can read about in the release notes, we are also working on improving observability in platformOS:

  • Step 1: Store all the logs from the {% log %} tag and Liquid Errors in OpenObserve - in staging.

  • Step 2: Allow partners to create Alerts based on those logs, for example Slack notification when error log contains "ERROR" word - .

  • Step 3 (planned by the end of this year): Store access logs and allow users to access them via pos-cli (request path, response status, request duration).

To learn more about the most recent updates, enhancements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 28 November, 2023 — Default best practices config and remote_records improvements


  • Default best practices CONFIG for new Instances

  • Report specific error messages for Remote Records

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