platformOS Status Report — July 24, 2023

Agnes Kanizsai | July 24, 2023

platformOS Status Report — July 24, 2023

In our previous status report we shared exciting updates in the DesignKit and about the platformOS DocsKit, our documentation package that provides everything you need to build best practice documentation sites for your projects. Now we have two more great updates: some features about the soon-to-be-released DocsKit and a big highlight from our Development team!

platformOS DocsKit - coming soon!

We are close to launching the first version of DocsKit (in fact it’s already in beta production with some clients!), with implemented features such as:

  • Layout

  • Navigation (including main, sidebar, breadcrumb, and table of contents)

  • Support for Markdown and MDX

  • Integration of Markdown partials

  • Default components (such as buttons, cards, and grids)

  • Support for responsive images

  • Optimization of images during the build process

  • Support for video embeds

  • External links open in a new tab

  • Code blocks with syntax highlighting

  • SEO

  • Base theme and theming support

  • OpenAI Alpha Search feature using native platformOS vector database support

As we prepare for the launch, we are developing the DocsKit product site, which will feature information about the advantages of using DocsKit, a user guide, templates, and details on pricing and packages. In the future, we plan to add case studies demonstrating how to build a documentation site with DocsKit, including custom theming. 

Here’s a little sneak peek to show you the product site developed for the DocsKit.

the DocsKit product site

For the DocsKit product site, we have implemented an indexed search, an exceptionally fast solution for smaller sites. Additionally, we are working on introducing AI-based search for larger documentation sites, which we are currently testing on the platformOS Documentation.

Development - big highlight on the horizon!

Regarding development, we have one big highlight that we would like to share with you. 

[pos-cli 4.10.0] should be ready to install soon. In this new version we are introducing an initial idea of Background Jobs Manager that - in essence - allows you to list, debug and retry jobs created using the background tag. Although this is only the beginning, fixing things ought to be simpler from now on and it will be expanded in the future.

Since this addition made our home screen a little crowded, it needed a refresh. Currently you can customize the header navigation by pinning (or unpinning) whatever tools you require for the type of project work you are doing. The icon in the header might just be getting in the way if you do not spend much time editing Constants.

As for the details panel of Background Jobs Manager, it lets you preview the code that you have scheduled to run. And if you want to truly dive into the code, you can now resize the side panel to fit more content horizontally, which is a small boost in the quality of life, it also functions in other tools.

In addition, various bug fixes and a BIG “thank you” for letting us know about the bugs you find!

  • Fixed hard coded server port – now multiple pos-cli gui serve instances can be run

  • Users can now be filtered by incomplete email string

  • Fixed clearing filters and submitting form using keyboard when filtering Users

  • Logs are now updated every 3 seconds

Finally, it's important to note that from this version onward, we're publishing under the CC BY 3.0 license. Essentially, this means that should you wish to build a project based on our pos-cli tool, we ask that you give appropriate credit to platformOS. 

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