platformOS Status Report — June 13, 2022

Diana Lakatos | June 13, 2022

platformOS Status Report — June 13, 2022

Developing An Award-Winning Onboarding Process (Case Study)

We are happy to share with you an article we wrote for Smashing Magazine about Developing An Award-Winning Onboarding Process for platformOS. In this in-depth case study, we describe how we researched, developed, and iteratively adjusted our onboarding processes over more than three years to eventually create the multiple award winning developer experience we provide today. The article discusses UX and documentation aspects, and we hope that you get some insights that you can use in your own projects. 

Base theme 

UX updates


  • Update the Admin-Returns listing page:  new search, filtering and sorting.

  • Update the Admin-Returns/Return item page:  Return has 3 types (home delivery/store pickup/Aramex).

  • Email template - New service email

  • Created an Inventory empty screen version

  • Updated the Admin-Promo codes listing screen: new search, filtering and sorting

  • Updated the Admin-Add promo codes

  • Created basic Admin-Sales screen

  • Created an Admin-Customer listing page


  • Updated the Inventory/Item creation page: New help text, and pricing section (fix and variable price), item variations

  • Created Admin-Reviews

  • Updated the Admin/Import&Export listing and detail page



To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 13 June, 2022 — Update liquid, remote records, fixes and improvements


  • Update liquid

  • Index of liquid filters

  • Primary remote records

  • Asset size and content type


  • Catch unknown currency error

  • Fix ambiguity for join

  • Fix for multiple custom attributes with the same name

  • Fix user otps index


  • Asset file size content type graph improvements

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