platformOS Status Report — June 25, 2024

platformOS DesignKit

In Progress:

  • Article about AI in our Design Workflow: This article will highlight various AI tools we use daily to enhance our design workflow, including tools for image generation, icon creation, illustrations, mockups, and diagrams.

  • Design System Improvements:

    • Accessibility Matrix: We are developing an accessibility matrix to ensure that the Design Systems we customize for clients are accessible and use proper contrast ratios. Our solution will work semi-automatically, effectively checking the contrast of all graphical elements over all background colors. We plan to publish the finished solution in the Figma community as a free resource.

    • Color Modes and Wireframe Mode: We have added color modes to our Design System, including a wireframe mode. When applied to our templates, this mode shows a greyscale, low-fidelity, draft-like wireframe look with a single interaction color. We believe this will help clients better understand the wireframing phase.

  • platformOS Marketing Site:

    • Inner page designs

    • Animations and illustrations explaining the platform

    • Community solution landing page

    • Try-out page design

  • Marketing Tasks:

    • We have published our Government solution on social media: a visual summary of the solution on LinkedIn. It is now highlighted as a solution on our Company page along with the DocsKit.

  • Catalyst Project:

    • In the Catalyst Constellations project, we utilized our Design Systems’ General pages and our Community and Course solution templates, upgraded with our latest Design System developments, such as the wireframe mode. We also used AI to create the client’s image bank according to their preferred style, brand colors, and desired mood.

platformOS Documentation

New Content Added:


In progress:

  • Working on the Contacts Us form tutorial, a comprehensive onboarding material (similar to Build Your First App), bridging the gap between /try completion and more complex tasks, explaining necessary technical concepts and providing useful resources along the way.


  • Improvements to READMEs (core module, platformos-check-vscode, platformos-check, pos-cli) and Developer Guide chapters.




  • Completing Competitor Analysis: Finalizing the analysis of DPA winner documentation sites and publishing the results.

  • User Interview: Conducting interview with new junior Origin trainee about his experiences with /try. More interviews are planned for future candidates.

  • Interview Flows: Interview flows have been prepared for different scenarios focusing on /try (onboarding) experiences.

In progress:

  • Preparing a dedicated diary study for the “Contact Us” task, allowing participants to record their experiences.


  • Conducting a competitor analysis focused on companies that teach Liquid (or other specific technologies).

On hold:

  • Reviewing and redefining user personas.

Client Engagement Document: Setting Clear Expectations & Enhancing Client Experience

Our UX team is creating a comprehensive Client Engagement Document to enhance transparency and client experience. This document will offer a clear overview and a step-by-step guide through our process, helping clients know what to expect at each stage. Key sections include an overview of the MVP Blueprint, the framework and toolset we use, and a detailed description of the MVP phases including workshops, design, and planning.

By outlining timelines, communication channels, and deliverables, we aim to set realistic expectations and foster strong, trust-based relationships.

Additionally, our partners can leverage this document to enhance their own client communications and ensure a seamless project experience.

We are currently refining this document, with plans to enrich it with visually appealing infographics and visuals to support clear understanding. In the final stages, we plan to test the document with our channel partners and potential clients to ensure it meets their needs effectively.

PDF to Docs as Code: Transforming the Washington DC Department of Buildings' Documentation Process

The DocsKit team has been working on a large project for the Washington DC Department of Buildings (DOB). We have written a case study to examine the transformative journey undertaken to modernize the department's documentation processes:

PDF to Docs as Code: Transforming the Washington DC Department of Buildings' Documentation Process


  • Internal infrastructure / platform upgrades - PostgreSQL, Redis, Kubernetes with dependencies

  • Extending and testing support for R2 (Cloudflare) a storage service with feature parity with our current S3 (AWS) provider.

  • Major ElasticSearch upgrade to version 7

  • Recent benchmarking report shows that the AI indexing support platformOS leverages, is one of the fastest on the market

To learn more about the most recent updates, enhancements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 10 June, 2024 — Admin_asset_update_all mutation, fixes and improvements


  • New instance feature flag validations_for_graph_queries which adds more validations for GraphQL queries

  • New admin_asset_update_all mutation which allows updating manually_managed for assets


  • Add sorting for admin_background_jobs GraphQL query

  • Improve deploy/sync performance for large schemas

  • Improve performance of filtering by related_records

  • Make remove newlines optional in html_to_text

  • Make is_json_valid less strict to avoid doing multiple checks

  • Skip manually_managed when building asset hash

  • More descriptive error when trying to download a module which has not been installed yet

  • Allow overrides for markdown

  • Filter and sort by virtual_deleted_at for admin_assets queries


  • Allow only one instance dump per time for given instance

  • Fix legacy page router (exact_match set to false) for complex scenarios

  • Improve documentation formatting for legacy router

  • Remove misleading warning of ElasticSearch mapping issue

  • Fix filtering by source_name for non-RUNNING sidekiq jobs

  • Make current_user GraphQL query accessible in context to WebSockets

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