platformOS Status Report — June 8, 2020

Tamas Simon | June 8, 2020

platformOS Status Report — June 8, 2020

Town Hall #83: Documentation Site UX/UI Update

The reason we invest so heavily in platformOS Documentation is because of YOU.

Our journey together, through continuous feedback, iterations, and improvements, has made the UX and visual design of our documentation site world-class. In Town Hall #83 we focused on the latest design update published in May 2020.

The recording of the session includes:

  • platformOS Documentation design history
  • Our approach to visual design
  • Reorganization — UX and content updates
  • Feedback we received on our previous design
  • Our new design explained
  • Detailed overview of design adjustments
  • Google Lighthouse results


Content production

Improvements, fixes

  • FIXED Filtering in our GraphQL API Reference
  • UPDATED favicon to easier distinguish the documentation site from other platformOS sites on tabs 
  • UPDATED added return description to platformOS filters  


We focused on further DNS UX/UI enhancements and the UI for displaying usage metrics on the Partner Portal last week. Please find our release note for platformOS core in next week’s status report.

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