platformOS Status Report — March 28, 2022

Diana Lakatos | March 28, 2022

platformOS Status Report — March 28, 2022

DevRel Awards 2022

From nearly 1,000 nominations, platformOS is shortlisted in the Best developer onboarding & Best ongoing developer experience categories for this year’s DevRel Awards. The judging panel has chosen a shortlist of three nominees in each category, here are the top 3 in the categories we were nominated in: 

Best Developer Onboarding

  • Edge Impulse
  • platformOS
  • Snyk

Best Ongoing Developer Experience

  • Netlify
  • platformOS
  • Stripe

Explore the full list of shortlisted nominees here

Register to join us online for the DevRel Awards 2022 ceremony on March 29th at 09:30 Pacific/12:30 Eastern. You’ll find out who won in each category and enjoy an exclusive keynote talk. 

Thank you to our amazing team and community for all your contributions.  


We added the Website Carbon Badge to the platformOS documentation site. It displays a live calculation of the site's carbon emissions and shows that this web page is cleaner than 91% of web pages tested — it runs on sustainable energy and only 0.09g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits it.

We continue to put a focus on the core platformOS code to keep it as performant and efficient as possible.

Base template

  • NEW many-to-many site's admin (superadmin, site admin, store admin) navigation in the base theme
  • NEW Added new components with Autolayout and Variants
    • cards: user activity card, feed card, service and product cards, service and product detail cards, gallery cards with thumbnails, review card
    • dropdown filter component
    • navigation: new TAB and sidebar menu components
    • review related components: rating stars, rating bar
    • ‘step by step’ process components
    • interactive fields (code input, day selector)
  • UPDATED Navigation components: header, category bar, dropdown menus
  • UPDATED Add auto layout to pages: general pages
  • IN PROGRESS: Add auto layout to pages: community pages


To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 28 March, 2022 — Performance improvements for legacy import models, filters and fixes


  • Removed extra attributes for sent notifications
  • lt gt lte gte filters for ids
  • Speed up legacy import models


  • Fixed problematic parsing of headers in some cases
  • Preserve instance view path case on update
  • Faster sync for custom attributes
  • Skip converting props on text to string change

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