platformOS Status Report — May 23, 2022

Diana Lakatos | May 23, 2022

platformOS Status Report — May 23, 2022

Marketplace Risk Management Conference talk

Has Your Software Development Killed Your User Experience and SEO, Along With Your Dreams For Marketplace Superiority? Near Me Marketplaces and platformOS Founder, Adam Broadway and DesksNear.Me General Manager Clark Mak were speaking at the Marketplace Risk Management Conference

Your Marketplace solution that solves a big business problem can fail as you burn through money during the build phase. The wrong technology choice often leads to the demise of even great Marketplace ideas. We discussed real world Marketplaces that have won over better funded competitors, by keeping the focus on core fundamentals, 100/100 Google Lighthouse Scores and unassailable SEO dominance. In this presentation, Clark talked about how the technology choices made by DesksNearMe has allowed them to dominate the organic SEO results for their chosen niche/keywords and substantially boost their chances for longer term success (and minimize DesksNearMe’s risk of failing).

Adam and Clark at the Marketplace Risk Management Conference


  • COMING SOON Developing An Award-Winning Onboarding Process: In this case study for Smashing Magazine we discuss how we researched, developed, and iteratively adjusted our onboarding processes over more than three years to eventually create the multiple award winning developer experience we provide today.
    Publication date: 25 May, 2022

  • COMING SOON Building Sustainable Websites on platformOS: There are many ways to decrease the carbon footprint of your digital activities. As platformOS facilitates building apps and websites, in this article, we focus on the environmental impact of web development and how to make the Internet more sustainable. 

New partnerships

  • Marketplace Studio: Marketplace Studio is an End to Start custom development company leveraging Design Thinking to build marketplace platforms. Learn more about Marketplace Studio’s partnership with platformOS from their recent article

  • Dempathy: Dempathy provides services and solutions to companies trying to start or expand their business in Latin America, including representation, consultancy, company setup, strategy, product launch, and marketing plan.

Base theme 

UX updates


  • UX documentation for the template - Button rules

  • General filtering and sorting solution

  • New navigation menu under Theme&Content: Users can manage the navigation layout and content under this menu point. There are 3 options: top menu with main item categories, top menu with selected items and drop-downs, no top navigation.

  • New language selector

  • Updated the Admin-Orders/Order listing page: Reordered sections based on best practices. Delivery section has 3 types based on the selected delivery method (home delivery/store pickup/Aramex).


  • Update the Admin-Returns listing page:  new search, filtering and sorting.

  • Update the Admin-Returns/Return item page:  Return has 3 types (home delivery/store pickup/Aramex).

  • Email template - New service email

  • Update the Inventory/Item creation page: New help text, nem pricing section (fix and variable price), item variations.

UI updates 


  • Added new components and variants to the Base theme: scrollbar components, popups, file upload fields

  • unify TABS, File upload fields, Sorting and filtering on Base theme pages


  • Add Auto Layout to Admin pages to the Base theme

  • Sorting and filtering mobile version


To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 20 May, 2022 — Custom otp for users, Deploy- speed up translations, other fixes


  • Custom otp for users

  • Template stack for partials

  • add translations set all

  • Admin email notifications mass mutations

  • Allow blank bodies for partials

  • Or filters for admin queries


  • Deploy: Speed up translations

  • Preserve attribute on form update

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