platformOS Status Report — May 25, 2020

Tamas Simon | May 25, 2020

platformOS Status Report — May 25, 2020

Town Hall #82: Advanced Usage Dashboard & pOSify Importer Tool

Watch the recording of our latest platformOS Town Hall (#82) where Adam Broadway shows you:

  • Our new time-series resource analytics for any of your platformOS powered sites, including
  • Identify Slow Graph Queries
  • Number of database records
  • Notifications sent (text, email)
  • S3 storage utilization
  • Background jobs queue and failures
  • and more

Access to site usage data at the click of a button, showing stats in increments of 5 mins to a month, for any of your platformOS powered sites and on any infrastructure provider (AWS and GCP) and on any region, will be extremely helpful to identify which of your sites might need optimizing.

Bonus must see

See a real-time demo of a Business Catalyst site migrated into platformOS. In a couple of minutes using pOSify you will see immediate Google Lighthouse performance improvements once moved to platformOS.


Content production

Improvements, fixes 

  • FIXED padding in GraphQL API Reference navigation 


UX, UI Design

  • NEW pOS avatar library
  • NEW pOS templates for UX process
  • NEW Onboarding interview with new channel partners


To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note May 25, 2020 — Improvements, fixes 

  • NEW Added request_allowed flag to Form to control whether a form will be available as an endpoint (which is deprecated). If false, the form will be usable only through GraphQL mutation. Default is true.
  • IMPROVED error message for not sending Email Notification
  • IMPROVED to_mobile_number filter will add + if the phone starts with country code
  • IMPROVED map filter implementation and its description
  • IMPROVED added case insensitive modifier and multiline option to regex_matches and matches filters
  • DEPRECATED rename headers to request_headers in API call notifications to avoid ambiguity and be consistent with response_headers in Pages
  • IMPROVED handling different formats than html for error pages triggered by Authorization Policy
  • IMPROVED error message when empty zip file is provided as an input to the new import script
  • IMPROVED error message when a hash was provided as a query name to the graphql tag
  • IMPROVED error message when empty hash was provided as an argument to the related_models argument in GraphQL query
  • IMPROVED error message when trying to fetch the model_schema_name for the models GraphQL query when both were soft deleted
  • FIXED overwriting email and password validation messages
  • FIXED Authorization Policies sometimes were invoked twice
  • FIXED Authorization Policies sometimes were returning the 200 status code instead of the one provided in http_status 

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