platformOS Status Report — October 27, 2023

Agnes Kanizsai | October 27, 2023

platformOS Status Report — October 27, 2023

platformOS DesignKit

We are happy to share that we’ve completed all the planned updates of the DesignKit. As a significant enhancement, we’ve incorporated the most recent Figma innovations and features into the Kit, and will be publishing it shortly, making it available for our community.

Main focus

  • Incorporate Figma innovations, new features to keep the DesignKit up-to-date.


  • Define primitive and semantic variables:
  • Add Color primitives as well that serve as a Brand color palette.
  • Use semantic Color variables instead of the existing Color Styles.
  • Replace Gradient Styles with customizable Color Variables.
  • Create semantic variables for Spaces (e.g. paddings, gaps) and apply them to elements.
    Define Space primitives (units).
  • Create semantic variables for Corner curves and apply them to elements. Define Radius primitives.


  • Simplify Button components using the Boolean property. Visibility of the icons on the left and right can be turned on or off. Icon is interchangeable from a list of suggested icons.
  • Simplify Input components using the Boolean property. Visibility of the icons on the left and right can be turned on or off. Icon is interchangeable from a list of suggested icons.
  • Set minimum and maximum width to card components, which support responsiveness.

In progress (before publishing)

  • Update all the related documentation, like step-by-step descriptions, customization guides, DesignKit articles.
  • Add a Dark mode to the DesignKit.

platformOS DocsKit

In the last status report, we announced the launch of the DocsKit product site. Since then, we've updated both the landing page and the overall content to provide more comprehensive information.

Editor Guide

To assist users in understanding and utilizing the DocsKit editorial workflow, we've introduced an in-depth Editor Guide. This guide describes each step of the editorial workflow in detail, offers tool recommendations, best practices, and provides links to useful information throughout the DocsKit documentation.

Landing page content collector

The Landing Page Content Collector is a FigJam brainstorming board developed by platformOS for non-designers. This is designed to help ideate the content of the landing page of a documentation site (that utilizes the DocsKit solution). The board facilitates the promotion of content drawn from the comprehensive documentation to the landing page in a structured format.

Its objectives are:

  • To facilitate visual thinking by offering the product's premade section components as building blocks. These are presented in a simplified, low-fidelity wireframe style.
  • To ensure that the resulting design aligns with the product's established sections.

While specifically designed for the needs of DocsKit users, this board can be broadly used for brainstorming any landing page content or for crafting page layouts.

Discovery calls

We've started offering discovery calls for those interested in DocsKit. In the 20-minute session we introduce the key features and benefits, compare it with open-source and SaaS solutions, discuss integrations, showcase a few example DocsKit powered sites, as well as outline the pricing.

If you're interested schedule a DocsKit discovery call.

Press Release: Newport Gold Inc. enters into LOI with Platform OS for 'near me™' Brand Transformation and Strategic Partnership

Published on Accesswire: In the recent development, Newport Gold Inc., operating as "near me Technologies Inc.," has announced a transformative step in its rebranding efforts for the 'near me™' brand and the website. This strategic shift sets the stage for a promising collaboration with PlatformOS, our globally acclaimed development platform known for its efficient enterprise applications. The Letter of Intent (LOI) signed on October 8, 2023, outlines the intention to form a strategic partnership and work towards a Definitive Agreement in the beginning of 2024. This potential collaboration involves the redevelopment of an integrated GPS business directory, a local business marketplace solution, and the redirection of to the platform. Furthermore, near me Technologies Inc. will have the option to purchase 10% of Platform OS and acquire the domain name, showcasing their commitment to expansion and growth in the digital space.

Anthony McCabe, Interim CEO of near me Technologies Inc., expressed excitement about this collaboration with PlatformOS and their renowned CEO, Adam Broadway. This strategic partnership aligns with near me Technologies' goal to enhance the 'near me™' brand and platform, providing an exceptional search, discovery, and marketplace experience for their users. Adam Broadway, CEO of Platform OS, echoed this enthusiasm, highlighting the shared mission of empowering businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions. The collaboration aims to merge the focus of near me Technologies on hyper-local, community-focused marketplaces and directory services with Platform OS's technical expertise, promising a successful venture that aligns with their growth objectives.


PlatformOS VS Code extension 

We are pleased to announce the release of platformOS VS Code extension in the marketplace. This accommodates you being able to remove manually installed extensions and also to be able to use the public marketplace. Please take a moment to rate it, we would really appreciate it.

Latest Release Notes

To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 11 October, 2023 — Remote_records improvement and fixes


  • Avoid false positives for missing property_type in a GraphQL query
  • Ensure either feed_id or deprecated feed_name is provided to streams GraphQL query


  • Allow use of built-in external_id column in remote_records
  • Add value_not and value_not_in arguments to documents_rc query

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