platformOS Status Report — September 10, 2023

Agnes Kanizsai | September 10, 2023

platformOS Status Report — September 10, 2023

platformOS DesignKit

We’re happy to share updates about the DesignKit. There are new Figma features that we plan to add to components and pages. Even as a work in progress, you'll soon be able to use these exciting new tools!

In progress 

  • Use semantic Color variables instead of the existing Color Styles. Add Color primitives as well that serve as a Brand color palette.

  • Create semantic variables for Padding, Gap, Icon sizes and apply them to elements. Define Space primitives (units).

  • Create semantic variables for Corner curves and apply them to elements. Define Radius primitives.

  • Simplify Buttons and similar components using the Boolean property. (This allows users to toggle an attribute on or off.)

  • Set Wrapping, Min and Max height to elements, which support responsiveness.

platformOS DocsKit

We're excited to announce that we've begun reaching out to partners for testing and feedback on DocsKit. As we continue to refine and enhance our solution, your insights and experiences are invaluable to us.

If you're interested in giving DocsKit a try and would be willing to share your feedback, please let us know. Your input can significantly shape the future iterations of the product.

Additionally, we're pleased to share that the DocsKit product site is now live! Feel free to explore and get a closer look at what we've been working on.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration!

Team Meeting in Szeged

In August we ran a team-building program where the platformOS team gathered from four different countries. Szeged, a beautiful gem in the Great Hungarian Plain, was chosen as the location for the week-long program.

Despite being part of a team operating remotely, very quickly deeper connections were made, with in-person opportunities to bond outside the constraints of a zoom screen! The participation and outcome of the world cafe conversations, and the hackathon day turned out to be very fruitful. The workshop facilitation by our CSO helped open up everyone for thinking creatively, bringing their inquisitive selves, their best knowledge and valuable experience to the table. 

All this together provided a strong foundation  for us to work better and more efficiently together. We also had four Zoom guests interviews, where a cross-section of thoughts about platformOS, and building technology businesses, was shared, offering invaluable insights that helped shape the direction of the hackathon day.


To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 4 September, 2023 — Open AI Embeddings, QRcode filters and multiple fixes


  • Open AI Embeddings (Embeddings) (Example)

  • Add QRcode filter: Adds a new url_to_qrcode_svg filter

  • Add hmtl_to_text filter

  • Options for presigning: Allow to specify file-size and content-type server side for presign url

  • Liquid: add RSA algorithm to encrypt/decrypt filters


  • Default for yield tag

  • WebSocket, make all params available on subscribe

  • GraphQL job retry

  • Allow records.csv and users.csv to be inside a directory instead of silently skipping them during pos-cli data import

  • Add pagination info for background_jobs