Sharing Sustainability: StokeShare’s Living Future

CJ Todd | May 13, 2016

Sharing Sustainability: StokeShare’s Living Future


Today wraps up the Living Future unConference 2016, a unique three-day forum that has welcomed the leading minds in green building and sustainability to discuss solutions to some of the world’s most daunting environmental issues. Yesterday, Warren Neilson provided a look inside the peer-to-peer startup he co-founded with fellow green building consultant, Joel Cesare. StokeShare is providing not only outdoor experiences for marketplace users, but it’s also cultivating the environmental stewards of the future.

Speak Your Truth




In its 10-year history, the International Living Future Institute has witnessed innovative approaches to environmental sustainability from many thought leaders in the space. This year marks the first ever open call for proposals for Speak Your Truth -- a series of rapid-fire, juried presentations at the Living Future unConference 2016.

The panel allows speakers to present their world-changing plan in a four-minute pitch that receives live feedback from an expert jury. Yesterday, eight speakers presented their ideas around three engaging subject areas: shelter for underserved communities, community design, and innovative materials and technologies -- all toward an effort to make a living future possible for everyone. An award will be given for the most compelling idea during today’s events.


The StokeShare Movement 


Watch Warren's presentation courtesy of Periscope! Credit: @realjoelcesare


The International Living Future Institute believes that the world is truly changed by individuals with visionary ideas and bold actions. Warren and Joel have a visionary idea to create a Living Future and define their marketplace as "radical" -- both awesome and progressive. They believe action sports can be a vehicle to connect people with the natural world, which in turn teaches them to love and protect it.

 StokeShare also introduces youth from disadvantaged communities to outdoor recreation by partnering with nonprofit organizations. They provide the equipment for the adventures, as well as environmental education to help kids learn and live a sustainable lifestyle.


Why business should invest in a Living Future




The Living Future unConference is designed to inspire and reward those who weave sustainability and social good into the fabric of their company. From its conception, StokeShare has been a mission driven company that strives to leave the world a better place. Promoting environmentally and socially conscious business doesn’t just benefit the planet, it also drives the bottom line.

Millennials have now surpassed Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation and they want business to shift its purpose. In a study by Global Tolerance, researchers found that 62 percent of surveyed Millennials “only want to work for an organization that delivers social and environmental impacts.” Responsible investing has also gained popularity as Millennials enter the market and investors understand their roles in advancing economic and social goals. Businesses must also realize their roles in order to remain relevant.

The social structure of the sharing economy can provide a perfect incubator for this mindset to grow. Like StokeShare, there are already startups that incorporate social and environmental responsibility into their business models. Since many thought leaders anticipate that the sharing economy will become more commonplace, a world where every company improves the planet should be just around the corner.