The Good, The Slow and the Outdated: Features of a Marketplace

Chitra Rajan | May 17, 2016

The Good, The Slow and the Outdated: Features of a Marketplace

Let’s get started with the first step towards authenticating sellers/users/MPO’s. Near Me seamlessly integrates Checkr for automating background checks. This helps in maintaining organic records and data within the Marketplace. Working under a product management perspective, there’s always a necessity to have a strong understanding as to what the market needs are. Also, gathering client’s requirements, the engineering team of Near Me has developed and assembled several contemporary features that an advanced Marketplace holds up. You name it, we have it!

Holistic Payment Gateways

Payment, being an integral and prime area of operations within the marketplace, has to be well maintained in terms of functionality. For both, user and a MPO(Marketplace Owner), Near Me provides easy access to setup payment gateways for smooth transactions.

This integration is pretty simple with the help of our amazing Knowledge Base article: (



The above is a a quick, step-by-step dropdown of instructions. Once given access to the admin panel, the MPO could start integrating the Payment Gateways right away by using Settings> Payments> Payment Transfers and Payment Gateways. The Near Me Dashboard gives the Marketplace Owner an amazing user experience when it comes to setting up additional payments.


Near Me has transitioned into providing users with a high-powered and easy on the eye UI framework through which any complex operation is converted into a simple and faster implementation.

The Nexus of things

Nowadays, we can send and receive messages in an instant. Our platform integrates connectivity keeping three factors in mind: Seller, Buyer and Marketplace Owner. A growing concern has been accounting to the API access and integration within the Marketplace. Near Me has come up with intriguing workflows and robust communication tools, which is aligned with the most modern technology and connectivity. Be it notifications via texting/calling/emailing, or manager/customer interaction, workflows need to always keep pace with latest updates on a global level.

We provide you options to have twilio set up on your account for instant texting and calling purposes. Being able to provide a quintessential template of workflows functionalities in just a click of a button makes us stand apart from our competitors. Having to provide a cohesive set up of all these functional APIs just by a click of an option under Settings> Manage enables easier understanding of how to go about the nexus of communications.


Getting better with Liquid:

A common term used in Marketplace set up coins is liquid markup. In simpler terms, liquid markup is described as a template which helps in dynamic conversion of content. A combination of tags, filters and liquid template files are intensively used. It basically connects the backend of the HTML to the front end browser where the content is displayed. As a well regulated sharing economy platform, seeking inspiration for designers, we have grasped and created business models which are inspired from companies such as Shopify and Etsy.

Within the marketplace admin, custom attributes could be modified using liquid tags. This is usually displayed above the listing result, which is on the web page of any given marketplace. Listing and booking modules gets easier to create and also, you could add videos for a better visualization. NM provides a holistic approach in easy-to-edit liquid templates for a beginner to leverage content upload at a faster velocity. There is a built-in cohesive framework which is already well established in the admin panel.


The resultant Custom attribute is displayed on the web page as:


Check out more on our KB article:

Moving forward, I will introduce you to more advanced features that will help demonstrate how flexible a white label LinkedIn/Upwork/Shopify/Airbnb can be. We’ll have a look into how these features sync with our themes and ideas. Look out -- further updates are on their way!