Top 10 Must Follow Ecommerce Experts

Melanie Li | May 4, 2017

Top 10 Must Follow Ecommerce Experts

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Entering the ecommerce community is like going through a maze. You don’t know which direction is going to lead to the right path or what’s going to be a dead end. One effective way to gather resources and information would be to follow experts in ecommerce and online marketplaces. So we have put together a list of 10 ecommerce experts from our archive at Near Me that have influenced or taught us something about this growing field. (In no particular order) 

Mikael Cho 

1. Mikael Cho

Mikael is the founder and CEO of Unsplash and Crewlabs which are community based companies for photos and finding talented developers. His feed consists of beautiful pictures, informative articles, and insights on his businesses.

Arun Sundararajan

2. Arun Sundararajan

This man literally wrote the book on The Sharing Economy. With his award winning ebook on the shelves, Arun effortlessly describes the status of our crowd-based capitalism. Arun offers his insights as a well regarded professor at NYU.

Jeremiah Owyang

3. Jeremiah Owyang

When we said we brought out the experts, we mean experts. Jeremiah Owyang is the founder of Crowd Companies that bring leaders from influential brands sharing thoughts, pushing boundaries and asking questions. You may have seen his Collaborative Economy Honeycomb around, yup that’s him!

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Boris Wertz

4. Boris Wertz

If you want to stay updated with news regarding all things business, Wertz’s Twitter timeline is a one-stop-shop. His interests are specific yet broad. After selling his last company, AbeBooks, he co-founded his current endeavor, Version One which is a VC firm that already has quite the portfolio.

Adam Broadway

5. Adam Broadway

Adam is an Aussie entrepreneur based in the Bay Area with a real tight grasp on ecommerce. He is currently the CEO of Near Me, a marketplace platform, that’s worked with enterprise corporations and growing businesses. Broadway is a thought leader in the ecommerce world and has many exciting projects that will soon be revealed!

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Joanna Lord

6. Joanna Lord

Lord is the CMO of ClassPass, a company that provides access to thousands of workout classes all in one! She spends her time being a mentor and tech advisor. Her twitter feed is filled with interactive tweets. You may be able to spot her at an event speaking on marketing and strategy.

Neal Gorenflo

7. Neal Gorenflo

If you want news on every corner of the sharing/collaborative economy you may have visited Shareable for some resources, if you haven’t you definitely should! If you’re looking for advice, news or food for thought this is the man to turn to.

Debbie Wosskow

8. Debbie Wosskow

As far as levelling the playing field for females in a sea of men, Wosskow does this elegantly. She’s a hardworking CEO and is an advocate for women while running her marketplace, Love Home Swap, that is available in many countries around the world. Inspirational stories, new tech gadgets and current ecommerce news is what you’ll find scrolling through her timeline.

Tristan Pollock

9. Tristan Pollock

Pollack is an extremely active member in the marketplace community. If you visit his website you’ll find an endless amount of mixers and events to learn more in metropolitan cities across the US. Pollock has made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list and the TEDx talk stage. There’s no telling where he’ll be in the next couple years but we definitely recommend following his inspirational journey.

Bill Gurley

10. Bill Gurley

The latest peer-to-peer app projects and launches fill the space in Gurley’s timeline. Like many of our other experts he is in the VC club. His blog, Above the Crowd, provides insights on ecommerce and the economy. Bill is really an expert and he puts everything in writing, it would be a shame to not follow him. You might just learn something new today!

So there it is, Near Me’s list of marketplace experts! We’re not saying these 10 are the best since there is no real way to distinguish that type of analysis. These people are making an impact in the sharing economy and are definitely ones to keep an eye out for.