platformOS Solutions (Functional Marketplace Template)




Based on the real-world feedback from hundreds of successful startup and enterprise marketplace initiatives, we’ve distilled best practice code into our recently launched eCommerce Product Marketplace MVP

Developer Success Solutions

Over the last 5 years, we’ve created an enterprise-grade platform that supports complex and demanding online businesses while also ensuring you have the flexibility to build what you want, exactly the way you want it.

Our goal moving forward is to provide you with the tools to expedite your development in order to meet demanding deadlines, launch quickly, AND make money.

Our developer success templates continue to hold the values that are true to platformOS - limitless flexibility. We want to get you 60, 70, 80% of the way AND give you the openness to customize every aspect of the template to deliver unique and customized solutions in days, not months.

This is an initial test MVP functional template that will allow you to:

Onboard users

Create an ad listing

View, search, and sort listings

View detailed ads

Purchase and checkout

Complete online payments

What Happens Next

We will continue to enhance our existing features, and develop additional features, but we just couldn’t contain our excitement any further and had to share this with you.

Our goal is for you to be able to deploy this code within minutes such that you immediately have a range of working features, which you can then start customizing, both back and front-end code.

Try Out the Marketplace

To test this exciting FREE functional template

  • 1 Register to our platformOS partner portal
  • 2 Install the pos-cli
  • 3 Create instance
  • 4 Add instance to pos-cli
  • 5 Clone the repository
  • 6 Build assets
  • 7 Deploy
  • 8 Set up your Marketplace

Visit docs for detailed instructions

We welcome and encourage feedback

We welcome and encourage feedback to ensure we are building templates that will benefit you substantially. Ultimately, through a feedback and voting system, we’d like our community to determine the development roadmap as we go about optimising our final marketplace template.

Plan Inclusions*


DB Objects Staging
API calls Staging
Storage Staging
Traffic / Bandwidth Staging
Emails (Sendgrid) Staging
Root Domain & SSL Certificate
Monthly (USD)
No credit card needed to reserve
Try Out
Plan Inclusions*


DB Objects 100,000
API calls 40,000
Storage 3 GB
Traffic / Bandwidth 1 TB
Emails (Sendgrid) 40,000
Root Domain & SSL Certificate
Monthly (USD)
No credit card needed to reserve
Plan Inclusions*


DB Objects 220,000
API calls 88,000
Storage 7 GB
Traffic / Bandwidth 2 TB
Emails (Sendgrid) 88,000
Root Domain & SSL Certificate
Monthly (USD)
No credit card needed to reserve
Plan Inclusions*


DB Objects 500,000
API calls 200,000
Storage 15 GB
Traffic / Bandwidth 3 TB
Emails (Sendgrid) 200,000
Root Domain & SSL Certificate
Monthly (USD)
No credit card needed to reserve

* Appointed to each platformOS plan there are 'Inclusions', being the amount of Storage, Bandwidth, Database Objects, API calls, etc. that is accommodated by the plan for each calendar month. When usage for any particular hosting service type exceeds the accommodated Inclusions for a month, then 'Overages' would kick in.

Overage prices apply when instance hits the limit of the plan:

Overages** Unit


DB Objects 100 $1
API calls 40 $1
Storage 2 GB $1
Emails (Sendgrid) 1000 $1
Root Domain & SSL Certificate 1 $5

** The Overages per service type are highlighted above. The majority service type is rated at $1 per a specified unit volume. eg. For every 100 Database Items (or part thereof) that exceeds the included number, platformOS will charge $1.

Overages generated by a site instance in any month is charged retroactively in the calendar month following. Partners, together with their clients, are able to assess the Overages being charged each month and choose to upgrade to a higher plan when it makes sense - to reduce monthly hosting fees being charged for the site. In addition, using reporting tools provided by platformOS, partners are also able to be proactive and identify if any service type that is getting close to the included monthly allowance.