Intel success story


Another case of a global brand, Intel taking control of their community from Facebook substantially boosting brand trust, goodwill and User Experience.




Intel discovered thousands of independent Intel developers across the globe were engaging via a number of disconnected Facebook or Linkedin user groups. They felt powerless to control and moderate the conversation or get coherent data insights and feedback.


Intel commissioned platformOS to build their own Linkedin + Facebook-esque experience. DevMesh became their All-in-One community portal for Intel developers around the globe; the place to find the world’s best independent Intel developers, sharing their engineering projects.

Intel DevMesh uncovered incredible innovations in the broader community presenting new opportunities and partnerships and a pool of great keynote speakers for global Intel conferences. Furthermore, an unintended consequence allowed venture capitalists to easily identify innovative projects they could support, fund or acquire.

Intel also chose to move their corporate technical blog over to platformOS to facilitate community powered blog content and taking advantage of the SEO superiority that platformOS provides.

Success metrics

Over 12,000 members globally
Over 2,500 projects and growing!
Over 60 dedicated groups and counting
Projects identified for VC funding
Identified speakers for Intel conferences
Seamless Data integration with Intel’s data warehouse