The Volte success story

The Volte

Australian based High end women's fashion marketplace, The Volte, has won multiple awards and now is branching out globally.

The Volte removes barriers and allows women from any demographic, size and budget to access designer fashion. It allows borrowers to access designer fashion at a fraction of the retail price and allows individuals to make money from their fashion ‘investment’ pieces. Fashion is no longer disposable.



The Volte

Success metrics

Over 20,000 items listed
100,000 active users per month
Dominating selected keywords, even over well funded incumbents


Have you ever paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a garment and only wearing it once? What if others could have a view into the closets around the world and find high-end garments and affordably rent them for an important occasion?


Award winning The Volte, based in Australia, provides members the ability to rent high-end garments, have it delivered and then returned all via a seamless and intuitive online user experience. End to end integration for dress rentals, payments, cancellation fees, and shipping logistics, all fully integrated on platformOS

Within just 18 months, with rapid growth in revenues, they chose to expand to the UK market.

Key features

  • End to end workflows for garment renting
  • Split payments to garment owner
  • Inapp Messaging
  • Cancellation Fee Management
  • Complex logistics and split payment features