UiPath success story


UiPath worked with platformOS to build two marketplaces to connect, reward and engage the fast growing cohort of Robotic Process Automation professionals and consultants across the globe.



UI Path

Success metrics

Over 40k+ registered developer within six months of launch
Over 700+ digital components added to the digital product marketplace


Touted as the world’s fastest growing software company in history based on Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR), UiPath required a marketplace solution to help manage, gamify and connect their growing global community of developers and channel partners. Additionally, a second marketplace was required to deliver downloadable software widgets that worked with the UiPath enterprise solution.


UiPath was quoted over $1.2m to build the product they had envisaged by an external development company. PlatformOS was chosen after extensive due diligence beating out this large incumbent saving UiPath over $700k while delivering more features with more flexibility and scaling options - go.uipath.com.

Furthermore, the code base for the first marketplace was easily replicated and re-worked to achieve the connect.uipath.com community marketplace for a relatively low investment cost.

Key features

  • Digital product marketplace and separate community marketplace
  • Gamification of User Profiles including participation badges
  • Single Sign On with UiPath enterprise SSO