Our goal is to build a limitless PaaS that allows you to build ANY application from e-commerce stores, multi-sided marketplaces, to interactive community portals. You are only limited by your imagination.

Build Web, Mobile, or IoT apps all on the one platform

The future of the web is more than just HTML pages. As your product evolves, you are not limited by what you can build so you don’t have to waste time on rewrites.

You will be able to build progressive web apps, internet of things integrations, or APIs for native mobile apps. If you decide, you will be able to also integrate external services via webhooks, REST APIs to complement your build with new already existing systems.

Trigger or send to any third party API

You can build your own REST API’s in Liquid markup or build workflows to integrate email, text, and any 3rd party API’s.

Out of the box integration with multiple 3rd party services is provided, such as Sendgrid, Twilio, GoShippo and Stripe.

Because of modular and flexible nature of platformOS, you can write your own custom integrations just as we did all the above.

Full control of all content

You are no longer locked down with what you can and can’t change on your web app. You have full control of all your content so you can customise and make it just right with no compromises.

This means full creative control over every piece of HTML your users download. Every asset is yours. No bloat, no spying, no data leaks, no security issues.

Use any front-end framework

What’s your favourite front-end framework?

React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, Backbone, Ember.js, Meteor... Or none at all?

Whichever is your choice, we support it so you have no creative constraints.

Define your own authentication polices and user profiles

Unlimited authentication and user profile creation to enable any business rule that is applicable for any application you are building.

You can create user roles so that one user can be a buyer, seller and administrator, and the other can be just a guest with only read rights. All logic is customizable by you.

Create your own database tables and records

You need the flexibility to control your data schemas that best suit your business.

platformOS has built in the power for you to define models, authentication policies, notifications (email, sms, webhook) and asynchronous background jobs.

Create any endpoint type

platformOS offers you control over what kind of response server sends back to a different requests.

You can create endpoint /test for method GET and respond with a HTML page, and /test.json for method POST to accept data and respond with JSON. And then you could also create /text.csv with some plain text data.

Additionally, you also control HTTP headers of those responses.

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