Website performance is a key factor for online success. Studies have consistently shown faster page speeds will improve user experience, SEO rankings, and result in higher conversion rates, lower bounce rate and longer user visits.

100% Lighthouse Speed

Page speed load times is a key factor that impacts your site’s usability and SEO. With many traditional development frameworks, no matter how good your code is, there is an underlying ‘speed tax’ that limits the results you can achieve. This is caused by libraries that are shipped with them before you even put any content in.

platformOS achieves a minimum of 90+ (Often 100/100) page speed results even on dynamic sites when using best practice code. And because you have full control over what server sends to the browser, you can optimize it to the last bit.

Performance tuning and scaling

Performance tuning and scaling requires experienced senior developers and Dev Ops engineers. These experts come at a huge premium and true experts are hard to find.

platformOS has a world class senior Dev Ops and engineering team with experience working on 100% up-time banking systems and extreme performance on back-end and front-end code.

Dedicated service stacks

Developers often build on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), with lock-in contracts. They then also need to manage their Dev Ops, Scaling, Server updates, zero-day security patches, performance tuning, penetration testing, denial of service attacks, and the list goes on...

platformOS removes the pain by providing both the Dev Ops resources in a dedicated server environment along with the development platform to vastly accelerate time to market deployment of complex custom SaaS solutions and eliminating headache attached to managing your own servers.

Performance testing

Along with our internal performance testing benchmarks, platformOS provides simple to implement ways for you to measure your site’s performance.

Not only you can profile specific page or database query you suspect is slow, platformOS itself is detecting slow queries and informs you about them as they happen.

Our performance tools make it easy to optimize bottlenecks before they impact real users.

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