When you grow, we grow with you. Auto-scaling is provided ‘out of the box’ to ensure your site still performs and functions at 100% during high demand events and occassions.

Scale any component vertically and horizontally

Developers often build on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), with lock-in contracts. They then also need to manage their Dev Ops, Scaling, Server updates, zero-day security patches, performance tuning, penetration testing, denial of service attacks, and the list goes on...

platformOS removes all this ‘heavy lifting’ by providing both the Dev Ops resources in a dedicated server environment along with the development platform to vastly accelerate time to market deployment of complex custom SaaS solutions.

Auto-scaling with load balancers

Auto-scaling is provided ‘out of the box’ for production sites on platformOS.

Overages are calculated for those sites which require additional servers and where usage is consistently increasing, clients are able to upgrade to more cost-effective plans where provisioning server capacity and processing power is more effective than paying overage fees.

Extra resources when you need it

When a client site requires additional server capacity or processing power, e.g.

  • A marketplace suddenly gets PR which sends a flood of requests. platformOS can add extra server capacity to ensure consistent delivery of service.
  • A site with vast amounts of data which requires batch processing of reports or generation of customized queries can also add extra processing power to ensure uninterrupted and fast delivery of service.

Dedicated and isolated infrastructure

For sites that require completely isolated server environments and dedicated Dev Ops support, these can be provided on request including HIPAA compliant stacks.

On allocation of a dedicated server stack, these are removed from the pool of available servers within the platformOS ecosystem. All isolated environments have the same monitoring, scaling, and performance tuning provisions that platformOS is famous for.

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