platformOS DesignKit v1 — now available!

Gyöngy Gora | March 9, 2023

platformOS DesignKit v1 — now available!

We are excited to announce that we have finished the first version of the platformOS DesignKit and happy we can now share it with our Partners and the Figma community as a public, free design resource.

You can get a free copy of our DesignKit here:

About the DesignKit

The DesignKit is an advanced, atomic Design System that includes a complete set of reusable and customizable UI components. We use the term ‘DesignKit' for the whole design file. Its content is separated into different groups based on the level of complexity.

You can read more about the structure of the Figma file in the platformOS Documentation.

The Component Library included in the DesignKit will have an equivalent implemented version, which is in development.

Related documentation

We created detailed documentation about the usage of the Kit to help you get started and customize the components as needed.

General details


Upcoming versions

We are continuously enhancing our DesignKit. The next versions will contain more complex graphical elements: Sections and Modules.

Extended version
For subscribed users the full DesignKit will be available with 50+ page templates built from the Modules and Sections. We’ve already included some of these as example pages for now. Editable, customizable page designs, organized by user flows are coming soon.


Please reach out to the platformOS Team if you:

  • get stuck and have questions

  • found an issue

  • want to provide feedback or have suggestions

  • are interested in the upcoming, extended Design System or other UX and UI resources created by the platformOS Team

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