platformOS Status Report — April 25, 2024

Agnes Kanizsai | April 25, 2024

platformOS Status Report — April 25, 2024

platformOS DocsKit

Docs as Code Fundamentals: A Step-by-Step Guide video course

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for our Docs as Code Fundamentals course, and the first three lessons are already available. Perfect for beginners and those looking to refine their skills, this comprehensive course covers everything from the basics of Docs as Code to each step of the editorial workflow.

Sign up for the Docs as Code Fundamentals course

Stay tuned as we add more videos and invite you to interactive webinars following each module. In these sessions, you can engage directly with the instructor and our team, ask questions, and gain deeper insights.

Course module

To facilitate the publication of the Docs as Code Fundamentals video course, we’ve extended DocsKit with the core, admin, components, permission, theme-manager, and user modules, creating a comprehensive video course solution. This extension, designed as an enhancement to DocsKit but usable as a standalone module on any platformOS instance, provides advanced functionality for video training, onboarding processes, and interactive learning experiences.

Partnership: DocsKit and EkLine

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between platformOS DocsKit and EkLine, aligning two innovative platforms to enhance the landscape of documentation management. This collaboration aims to empower organizations with cutting-edge tools for creating, optimizing, and standardizing their documentation effortlessly.

Learn more about our collaboration in this article: Announcing partnership: platformOS DocsKit and EkLine

DocsKit sandbox

We have created a DocsKit sandbox that you can use to try out DocsKit. The sandbox includes the base theme and is fully functional. If you'd like to give it a try, please send us a message, and we will prepare your sandbox for you.

Unlocking insights: 2023 developer survey findings

As a company dedicated to providing high-quality developer documentation for our community, and developing our own documentation solution, we recognize the critical importance of understanding the evolving needs of users, particularly developers. Let’s delve into the findings of various developer surveys conducted in 2023, aiming to gain deeper insights into the significance of high-quality developer documentation and a favorable contributor experience: 

The importance of high-quality developer documentation in 2024: Insights from last year's surveys

Coming soon: AI search

platformOS comes with vector database support “out of the box”, making it easier for AI indexing and integration.  AI search functionality is currently being added to DocsKit and, as a showcase, will  soon be implemented on the DocsKit site.  This will provide more accurate and relevant search results as well as enhance the overall user experience - meeting users’ information needs quickly and efficiently. By leveraging embeddings in the AI search functionality, users won't have to rely solely on precise keywords to find what they're looking for. All together this will improve user satisfaction and productivity when deployed to any DocsKit site.

Partnership between University of Szeged and platformOS 

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between platformOS and the prestigious University of Szeged. This partnership opens up a world of opportunities for students and professionals, fostering innovation, learning, growth, and real-world skills. Read more on this in our recent blog post: University of Szeged and platformOS Forge Exciting Partnership


On the development side we are excited to share the following update:

  • Successful PostgreSQL and Redis updates to the latest major version on all stacks

To learn more about the most recent updates, enhancements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 17 April, 2024 — ElasticSearch upgrade, other improvements and fixes 


  • Added scrub filter

  • ElasticSearch upgrade - introducing a feature flag, which will seamlessly switch from ES5 to ES7 behind the scenes


  • Do not use drip for time zone object

  • Replace /n with space for html_to_text

  • GraphQL: fix order_by value in records


  • Allow slashes in property names

  • Add ability to sync translations

  • Add instance level feature flag to sync assets

  • Extend html_to_text filter

  • Ability to control which objects created via GraphQL admin_* mutations should not be updated/deleted during pos-cli deploy/sync

  • Improve background jobs autoscaler based on the longest waiting time of a job

  • HTML format exact match setting

platformOS Release Note 6 February, 2024 — More filter types for jsonb resolver and other improvements


  • Performance improvement for Related Records

  • Allow empty values option for GraphQL filters

  • Export modules do not include app files

  • Add GPG encryption to data export GraphQL

  • Add default flags to instances

  • More filter types for jsonb resolver

  • External_id in context.current_user

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