platformOS Status Report — February 28, 2022

Diana Lakatos | February 28, 2022

platformOS Status Report — February 28, 2022

Save the Date: tekom Webinar 

tekom Europe invited us to hold a webinar about the complete docs as code workflow we developed for the platformOS documentation. It will consist of a detailed presentation and a longer Q&A session. 

  • Date: 23 March, 2022, 4pm CET. 
  • Access: The webinar will be held online in English. It will be open to everyone but it won't be recorded. We will share the link to join as soon as it’s available. 

We hope to see you there!  

Base template 

We are continuously working on the base template, these are the latest updates. 

  • IN PROGRESS add new components and new component variants (new button types, message boxes, text formatting)
  • IN PROGRESS improve the layout of the base components
  • IN PROGRESS improve the naming of the base components
  • IN PROGRESS organize the library structure
  • IN PROGRESS redefine the base template navigation 


To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 25 February, 2022 — Filters and performance improvements, fixes


  • Added is_parsable_date filter
  • Protection against self reference in filters
  • Removed logging for slow queries in applications
  • Improved performance for related_records
  • API call: allow to set timeouts
  • Performance improvements for syncing schema files


  • Fix for hash assign in background jobs failing

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