platformOS Status Report — March 20, 2023

Diana Lakatos | March 20, 2023

platformOS Status Report — March 20, 2023

platformOS DesignKit

We are excited to announce that we have finished the first version of the platformOS DesignKit and happy we can now share it with you and the Figma community as a public, free design resource.

The DesignKit is an advanced, atomic Design System that includes a complete set of reusable and customizable UI components. We use the term ‘DesignKit' for the whole design file. Its content is separated into different groups based on the level of complexity.

We created detailed documentation about the usage of the Kit to help you get started and customize the components as needed.

General details


Read our article about the launch of the DesignKit on the platformOS Blog. 

platformOS CommunityKit - coming soon! 

We are developing the platformOS CommunityKit, a fully customizable and extensible community solution built on platformOS with features like user management, posts, activity feeds, groups management and events, included out of the box. This will provision an advanced starting point that can scale in ANY direction! - not limited by SaaS or Low Code approaches.




To learn more about the most recent changes, improvements and fixes in platformOS, check out our latest release note: platformOS Release Note 14 March, 2023 — array_delete_at and array_delete filters, fixes and improvements


  • Allows to place liquid partials in app/lib directory instead of app/views/partials

  • array_delete_at and array_delete filters


  • Liquid: try tag - fix syntax check

  • Fix parsing of attributes when special characters in main value

  • Fix for raw tag not closed updated liquid gems


  • Hash assign for function tag

  • Objects count for admin tables

  • Liquid background tag new syntax with partial

  • Liquid: check if there is an undefined filter in body on deploy and sync

  • Hash assign for function tag

  • To CSV filter changes and tests

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